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Sigils and the Magick of Intention

Are you ready to harness your personal magic? Set an intention and create a Sigil for the New Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter moving into Sagittarius.

In medieval ceremonial magic, alchemists tuned into the divine energies of life, crafting symbolic sigils to conjure up their desired outcomes. Modern sigil making is a tool for manifestation, tapping into the power of your unconscious mind to conjure your dream into reality.

In this creative workshop we will create our own unique sigil to empower our future through guided meditation, the power of words, lines, color and shapes.

Value exchange is $30.
Limited to 12 people.

Renee Rotkopf
Hypnotherapist, Soul Coach and Brand Alchemist

I am an explorer of the psyche, stars and everything in between. An intuitive innovator and visionary thinker, who loves to connect dots, find patterns and discover meaning. I believe we are all co-creators who have the inherent potential to heal, reprogram and transform our lives. My passion is seeing the possibility, motivating and inspiring clients to move past limitations and put their intention into action to make their dreams a reality.

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