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Life Time Astrology with A.T. Mann

Dynamic Narrative Astrology is the story of your life, from conception to present and beyond.

In this 2 day weekend workshop A.T. Mann will teach us how the birth chart expresses our soul's inner life and how it pertains to the deeper aspects of our family lineage. His visionary technique interprets the process of one’s life, starting at conception, progressing in a narrative through “octaves” of gestation, childhood, maturity and a higher transcendence.  

Open to all levels, and especially useful for therapists, psychotherapists, bodyworkers, herbalists, healers, counselors and astrologers wanting to extend their practice.

Participants will receive their chart and list of Life*Time dates from conception to 99 years old so we can learn to understand the dynamic path of your life in time. You will be asked for your birth information when you sign up. 

A.T. Mann received a B.Arch. from Cornell University, has been an astrologer since 1972 and has written sixteen books. Current books include A New Vision of Astrology; Mandala Astrological Tarot; The Sacred Language of Trees; and Astrology and the Art of Healing. He was director of NCGR and created the NCGR Research Journal and is a longtime member of ISAR. He will be teaching in a program at the Rubin Museum in New York this summer about Astrology, Prophecy and Divination. He travels and teaches widely, and lives in Hudson, NY.  & 

Value exchange is $222
An intimate group limited to 15 people.