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Hypnosis about finding a greater sense of happiness from within and living a fuller life. Situations in life leave us feeling powerless or stuck. Hypnosis is about change, its a proactive approaching to healing, enabling you to access your unique inner guidance system. Getting to the heart of an issue and exploring creative solutions to find more peace, joy and possibility. Hypnosis helps you shift by establishing a stronger mind-body connection, empowering you to consciously work with your unconscious patterns. Benefits can include more peace and less stress and anxiety, freedom from unwanted behaviors, a deeper connection with self and supporting your body’s healing process.

Renee Rotkopf



Become more in touch with all parts of your self —the hopes, desires, and fears. Feel empowered to contemplate, reflect, and realign. Heal from old wounds, and traumas to feel more whole. Be empowered to make decisions and life choices that will help you become your truer self.

Aimee Hartstein

Gabrielle Epstein Casper

Corinne Novella


creative life coaching

Creative Life Coaching explores what is possible. By tapping into your creative consciousness, revealing hidden parts of yourself to experience a greater sense of wholeness. This intuitive blend of hypnosis, meditation, astrology and spirituality will help you think outside the box of limiting beliefs, and help you access your creative potential.

Single sessions are unique and will meet you with what you need at any given time. And a Creative Life Package is also offered that will take you through a process of systematic sessions designed for personal discovery. Packages will help you craft your intention, tune into your higher purpose and reimagine your future - to create a life you love.

Renee Rotkopf