Renee Rotkopf

Co-founder of SoulBeing Wellness,
Creative Life COACHING, HYPNOSIS, meditation

Fascinated by the mystical and neuroscience, I am an intuitive coach with a innovative, spiritual approach to helping my clients transform and live a happier life.

My goal is to create a safe space for my clients, to explore their feelings while offering them proven techniques to relax and destress. Guiding them to their own inner wisdom to free them from anxiety, stress, depression and pain.

Empowering my clients creative consciousness, I help them think outside of the box of limiting beliefs. Encouraging them to connect with a deeper part of themselves to reprogram behaviors, commit to goals and heal their mind and their body.

Trained in Integrative Hypnosis, Spiritual Psychology and Coaching the Subconscious Mind, I use hypnosis, meditation, N.L.P., guided visualization and regression therapy. And with over 20 years as a creative director I help my clients tap into their creative consciousness to reimagine their future and create a life they love.

I work with clients in person, via skype and over the phone. And also offer workshops. See events.

Are you ready for a personal transformation? I can help.